The Show Must Go On

So, I have an extended metaphor for you which came to me earlier on today.

I would say that I am not usually flowery and icky when it comes to these kind of things… well, maybe at times(!)… but I do kinda like this one hehe.

As a bit of background, my media player always manages to play the most inappropriate songs at the wrong times… e.g. I am currently getting Christmas songs and when I broke up with Danny it wouldn’t stop playing “All By Myself” but occasionally it gets it right – such as when I’m in a delicate mood, it’ll play Evanescence’s “My Immortal”, and if I’m feeling camp and hyper, it always seems to stick “Under The Sea” from the Little Mermaid OBC on hehe.

Today, in succession, it played “Goodbye to the Circus” (Aqua) and then “The Show Must Go On” (Queen).

Click me to listen to Goodbye to the Circus (opens in a new window).

To quote Liza, if I may, it made me realise how life is a cabaret old chum, and that simply put it is just one big show. I know there are lots of songs which already use this metaphor (such as “Razzle Dazzle” in Chicago and “Shine” in Billy Elliot… and those are just the musicals!) however this was the first time that I’d been able to apply such a metaphor to my situation.

My realisation was that each night an audience gather themselves together to watch a performance; the curtain rises and the performers do their thing. [This ‘in-between’ bit is where the music came in] The very next evening, that same curtain can rise to show a different cast than the night before but acting out the same story, albeit with their own little qwerks and slant on the roles. Usually the leading man or leading lady has changed, and although some people may be disappointed for the first few minutes, the majority of people will take the opinion that the cast change was really beneficial and actually worked a lot better than it may have done had they been the night before – you just never know until the performance has started to run it’s course.

Anyway… badly worded/explained flowery insane moment over – just the pairing of those two songs really made me pensive earlier! Plus I’ve managed to use the word ‘icky’ twice today – woo! hehe.

Thanks for reading my random ramblings :oP xx

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