Faceparty and the over 36’s…


I just logged into social networking site Faceparty to find I was redirected to the page illustrated by THIS link.

I should hasten to add that my account (which I’ve had for eons) is still active and whatnot, probably due to me being a 20-something and occasional logger-inner.

Although the text and policies seem really rather harsh, I do think they they’re kinda justified (see my quote at the base of the post), though may not have been handled as sensitively as they could have been.

Choice quotes from the new management at Faceparty Towers include;

Over 36 years old?New government legislation means we need to check older users on the sex offenders list. This legislation is based upon checking email addresses against a government provided list. Faceparty has never insisted on validated email addresses and can therefore not participate in this new scheme. Having discussed the use of our website with the home office and the police, and further some pretty serious crimes caused by older users, we were left with no option but to terminate a huge amount of accounts, and without notice, immediately. We understand that only a minority of older users are sex offenders, but you must understand that we cannot tell which – we can only delete all to make the site safe and we apologise for that. However, we are following the law and you cannot think we are wrong for doing that.




Negativity / Bitching / Moaning about Faceparty:If all you are gonna do is type “Faceparty is shit” then you shouldn’t be using the site. You will be deleted for this reason. Faceparty is not a public service and you would probably be kicked out of Tescos for writing “Tescos is shit” on their walls too. You would also, quite rightly, be deleted for aggressive behaviour towards our “staff” and volunteers (calling them c*nts, threatening to kill them etc has been a problem that has risen to above 1,000 instances per week and we’re no longer prepared to put up with that behaviour – we also need to point out that threatening to kill staff = prison).




Anarchy Towers did not opt to buy your account:The original crew behind Faceparty and the inventors of the online community (Anarchy Towers) is taking control of the website again. That means this is gonna be the best site on the web, just as it was for every year they were in control in the past. Anarchy Towers is NOT legally obliged to purchase all of the member accounts from CIS Internet Ltd, and nor does it intend to. Your contract with CIS Internet Ltd ends with the closure of CIS Internet Ltd. Anarchy Towers can only afford to buy a certain number of accounts – there is most likely nothing personal in it, we can only buy what we can afford.




You joined within the last 2 months:Unfortunately some of the creators of accounts who were deleted, of an older age group, have been creating new accounts with a younger age (which means that government legislation classifies them as a sex offender by lying about their age on the Internet, even though most who have done this may have done so with good intent and purely to be a part of a site they love and without any intent to manipulate younger users). However, this is still illegal and it is too hard to seek out and destroy non-genuine accounts, therefore Anarchy Towers has not opted to buy any accounts created in the last 2 months. Anarchy Towers is not obliged to purchase your account.




I think that this small paragraph towards the base of the page sums up and justifies why such drastic action has also been taken and so I do feel that they should have at least formatted this bit in bold text or something similar by way of their defence!

Why was no Notice Given of my Termination?Notice is not required for violations of terms of service. We apologise that we were legally unable to give you notice for accounts deleted due to the fact we could not check your details on the sex offenders register. This was because a gang of paedophiles had arrived on the website and had carried out a series of attacks on younger users. We had to make sure that these people could not swap contact details with their potential victims. We know it must have been painful for you to lose your account, but the safety of the users this site is aimed at is more important and we acted based upon consultation with the police. We apologise to the genuine users who had their fun ruined by the minority of sex offenders preying on this site. Police evidence showed that people were about to get killed. Think hard about whether Faceparty did the right thing morally, or not. Lives were saved. Lives are more important than accounts.




And my favourite quote from this page…

With no offence intended, it is not the legal right of a 70 year old to claim right to a young person’s service. Furthermore, it is not your right as a 50 year old to steal the bandwidth of our youth portal because you don’t want to pay for match.com. There are dating agencies for the over 50s, such as match.com, but Faceparty is not and never has been one. We apologise if you didn’t realise.

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

18 Responses

  1. Alex

    I guess this isn’t the best time to reveal that I am in fact 67 years old (I permenantly wear a face mask and employ an award winning make-up artist).


  2. James

    anyone who came to this page after googling “faceparty account deletion” as I did is advised as follows:

    if you paid faceparty on your credit card for AVS (adult verification service) and/or cool tools, you are advised to telephone your credit card issuer and put the transaction(s) into dispute.

    Faceparty (through whatever their legal entity is) entered into a legal agreement with you to supply services for 12 months, and they are breaking that agreement. Additionally, they are in liquidation apparently.

    If enough people do this, we can ensure that their shareholders do not receive any money whatsoever, as it will all come back to us in refunds.


  3. Maddi

    I am someone who has had my account deleted for being over 36- none of the other exclusions applied to me. My profile name was my actual name, my employment was listed as being in the criminal justice system, and I had cool tools so they could verify my identify.

    And as for that final paragraph being the justification – it is absolute tosh – bearing in mind – my career – sex offenders set up profiles as 16 to 25 year olds – they pretend to be peers – they are still on there hiding amongst the profiles the site are happy to have in place – Doh!


  4. Faceparty are crooks pure and simple. I am 25, have not lied on anything or done anything against their terms yet they deleted my profile. I paid for the AVS thing, and cool tools and I paid for some shout outs. Basically they have robbed me. They have also deleted many profiles of friends. Just look at the thread on their gossip section – they are complete morons and have deleted thousands of innocent, paying customers.

    I agree, I’ve read their terms again and they have broken the terms and they can deny this all they want but its true. There are always going to be dodgy people on these sites, but this is an unfair, very hypocrytical and pathetic witch hunt. It will serve them right if they go under.

    Best thing to do: make sure everyone knows how rubbish they are and that no one you know would even consider parting with a single penny to them.


  5. M Predeith

    I see now they are saying we are sorry we deleted some of the cool people please let us know who are the friends you miss who are cool and we will set them back up in other words they are looking for the cream of those that had cool tools ie paid and didnt want to pay the new company for those cool tools accounts and now want to pick them up for free and the 36 year old rule is rubbish i checked this afternoon with several newspaper editors who would know and they said crap i think we should all just inundate them with mails etc to clog the system up


  6. I agree totally with Maddi. Working for a child protection agency we see many, many sex offenders, some as young (or younger) than 11 years old. There is no justification whatsoever in saying sex offenders are more likely to be over 36!!! I don’t care what FP profess, this is AGEIST. However, having said that, even if they did see the offence they had caused to many lont term members and decide to lift the ban, I wouldn’t go back on a matter of principal now. My Cool Tools was due for renewal last month just before a friend mentioned the new age restrictions so didn’t renew … saved me all the fuss of trying to claim it back I suppose!!


  7. Dave M

    Unless there were some very real problems and this was actually the advice of the police/HMG which I very much doubt then it strikes me what has happened is commercial positioning.

    One assumes the price to CIS internet was factored by the number of users. If you reduce the number of users by some arbitary means on some arbitary pretext then the price reduces accordingly.

    So they get a bargain basement price and then start trying to re-establish links with those disenfranchised users who have the biggest spend on faceparty

    Oldest trick in the book.

    Credit card refund is the best option.


  8. Jason Y

    Faceparty was for 16+, this means the mentioning about the ‘sex offenders legislation’ is a red herring as this defines a child as under 16. Also they would need to check people aged over 18 against a list not 36…

    We all know people who are into children lie about their age, so the over 36’s wouldn’t be those.

    It purely a commercial decision, I bet they paid per account with a clause only to take those they wanted.


  9. Pete

    It’s just a big con to make money, you buy cool tools they delete you then they charge you £25 to rejoin also hoping you’ll buy cool tools again then they’ll delete your account again, it’s obvious they state your not staying on the site if they don’t like you.


  10. NicktheFace

    I once used Faceparty in the old days. It must have been around 2003-2004. I wouldn’t join that chav ridden site now, why would I? How can the staff justify kicking out members who are over 36? When I saw a photo of a guy with his bits out on the home page!
    This site is run by morons and I am shocked that is still operating. They are classed as Rogue Traders in my eyes and anyone can say what they like in response this post, I am just stating my opinion and the obvious.
    The more people who grow a brain and not sign-up to this site, the more chance there is of Faceparty dying a death. But the site is primarily aimed at stupid teenagers who are angry at everything and worship Stella, hardcore rave and the art of spitting. The staff state that they do not accept anti-social behaviour, yet the staff ARE anti-social and welcome anti-social people to keep their moronic site running.

    I think I have said enough.


  11. Chris

    ‘Face-pasty’ the site no one ever uses any more, not for probably like the last 6 or 7 years.

    Put it down, put it out of its misery.


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