Twitter – TweetCloud

As an avid and long-time fan of twitter, I was rather pleased to find an application called ‘TweetCloud‘ which essentially tries to collate all your tweets for a given time period, and let you know the words that you’ve tweeted the most. My stats were as below: – 10,000 plays

Hurrah! My plays have just passed 10,000! Although this sounds like a monumental number, I assure you that it is not! Alas is only picking up stats from 9 Feb 2008, and I often listen to music on devices that do not have connection with, especially on my mobile and at work. […]

Faceparty – Update to missing accounts

*** UPDATE to my previous post *** OK, so now I am thoroughly pissed off. Over the years (since 2001) my page had accrued an impressive 99,990 hits to it, and was once one of the most popular pages but yet Faceparty have still seem to have seen fit to randomly delete it as of this afternoon.  Faceparty is […]

Faceparty and the over 36’s…

Cor, I just logged into social networking site Faceparty to find I was redirected to the page illustrated by THIS link. I should hasten to add that my account (which I’ve had for eons) is still active and whatnot, probably due to me being a 20-something and occasional logger-inner. Although the text and policies seem really rather harsh, […]