Yup, that’s right folks, after 18 marvellous months here on WordPress, I have decided to take the next step and develop a more permant platform from which to rant and marvel from.

The new stuff can be found on http://garidavies.me.uk and offers the same blog as is currently here at DarkAeon’s Demented Declamations (including historical posts) as well as a more personal way for people to interact with me, each other and my content.

I have launched a little harder than I wanted to (I had originally planned to soft launch for a month) but I really needed to get this up and running, and I also need my regular blog readers’ help please! (see below).

So, what does this mean for you guys?

  • For the forseeable future, this WordPress blog will remain live, and will run in parallel with the blog pages on garidavies.me.uk. The main reason for this is that I am currently averaging 1500-2000 unique visitors a day, and I have no way of divering that traffic over to the new blog at the moment (I don’t have HTML root access for 301 files). Thus both will run together (and I will actively monitor both), though the new site will benefit from additional and more personal content.

This site will no longer be publicised by me on my various social profiles, instead any reference to my blog would be to the new site. Anyone linking to content from now on, please link to the content on the new website (all posts are the same – the search feature on the new website’s sidebar will help if stuck).

  • Should I update my blogroll to include your new site?

YES! Please do!

This would be very much appreciated, and I will always reciprocate if you let me know that I’m on yours!

It would be especially fantastic as, due to the ‘new-ness’ of this site, many spiders are currently skipping over my page as it currently has no links coming into it. So if you wouldn’t mind, please please please link to me, I’ve been having a nightmare with SEO! *end of beg* heh.

  • I was subscribed to receive Email Updates from this site.

Don’t fret pet, I have done all the behind the scenes work necessary to change the feed over so that you will now receive updates from the new site. In fact, if you’re seeing this post titled ‘THIS BLOG IS MOVING’ in your mailbox now, please contact me and I’ll do some further analysis! You should not need to update anything.

I’ve added a few extra features in for the email subscribers to the new site, so do let me know if you approve of them!

People subscribing via RSS – you need to update the feed address please! (see the right hand menu bar on the new site for the new feed details)

The new site is still very new, so you may wish to have a read of ‘Welcome To My New Page!‘ first as it differs from the post that I’ve posted here.

Thanks for all your support over the past two years or so, and I look forward to welcoming you across to the new site in the future!

Gari x

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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