Robbie Williams – Reality Killed The Video Star

I am very excited today as Robbie Williams‘ new album, ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’, has been soft-released on the music platform Spotify.


The album has is being exclusively previewed in full by Spotify from today, Friday, onwards. This album will not be available elsewhere until Monday, when record sales actually begin.

For those people using Spotify, all levels of user are able to access the album, it’s not a premier user only release!

This has to be one of the most heavily promoted albums that I’ve seen in a long while. I already know which songs I really really adore (‘You Know Me’ is a career highlight I think) and the lyrics to most.

I get the feeling that this come-back album really is ‘for the people’ in a sense. Robbie’s appearance on the Electric Proms, and other media means that a lot of us have already heard most of the new material. Indeed, Robbie’s own website has been allowing people to listen to 3 tracks from the new album each day for free! (I had ‘You Know Me’ on an endless loop the other day).

I love that Robbie has gone back to an orchestrated sound. If asked to compare the sound to another album, I’d say ‘Intensive Care’ – which I thought was marvellous! It’s as if ‘RudeBox’ never even happened.

Now that the entire album has been made available, I thought I’d write this post, as it seemed unfair to judge it based on all of the preview performances etc.

Without doubt, my ‘most eagerly anticipated’ album of the year, and I’ve been waiting restlessly all week for today to come around!

As always, I had a listen to the album whilst at work, so I made a few thought notes against each track, which I have shared below.

NB – these are in order of how the ‘random’ function on Spotify played them, so are not in track listing order.

Bodies – we all know how this one goes by now… strange lyrics, but an awesome chorus when those strings kick in! A track that has definitely grown on me.

Difficult for Weirdos – perhaps how the RudeBox album should have sounded. Good club track, futuristic sounding and contemporary. Hurrah!

Somewhere – a bit of a ‘nothing’ track really, it’s only 1 minute 2 seconds long.

Morning Sun – I love the orchestra at the start of this track. A great vocal and a fabulous track. Hope this gets released as a single.

Superblind – some good orchestrations again here, good song though perhaps an album track? Love the delicate vocal that sometimes feeds through.

Morning Sun (Reprise) – I thought having a Reprise at the end of the album was a fantastic idea. It really tied the whole project together, and is a great way to close the album off.

Do You Mind – love the chunky guitar chords, which were slightly unexpected. Had me bopping in my seat and tap/clapping along!Bit of Robbie attitude in the vocal, a great bridge, though probably an album track.

You Know Me – I cannot rave about this song enough. Shoo-wop-do-booop!

Last Days Of Disco – I love this track!It’s like the genre of disco has been dragged right up the present-day. I really like the pulsating, high tension vocal.

Deceptacon – I was initially not a huge fan of this song… mainly as I was expecting a song about Transformers!! It’s grown on my a lot though and is now one of my favourites on the album.

Starstruck – My second favourite song from the album I think. The performance of this on the BBC Electric Proms was great – I loved the ‘sway’ bit for the chorus!

Blasphemy – another great song; I really like the prominence of the piano.

Won’t Do That – a great brass introduction, a light vocal and a really nice song.

All in all, I really do like the album, which I think comes to life when you have Robbie on stage performing songs from it. It’s great to listen to, but I think that the album’s real potential is realised through Robbie’s delivery of the songs in his live performances, which to be fair, is usually the case! Ever the showman, I can’t wait for a tour!


The track order is as below:

# Title Length
1. “Morning Sun” 4:05
2. “Bodies” 4:01
3. “You Know Me” 4:27
4. “Blasphemy” 4:18
5. “Do You Mind?” 4:06
6. “Last Days of Disco” 4:50
7. “Somewhere” 1:01
8. “Deceptacon” 5:01
9. “Starstruck” 5:21
10. “Difficult for Weirdos” 4:29
11. “Won’t Do That” 3:38
12. “Superblind” 4:46
13. “Morning Sun (Reprise)” 1:19

Oh, and I am LOVING the preview that they have released for his new video for ‘You Know Me’! 😀

(NB – if you visit the above link after midday today, Friday 6th November, you should be able to see the video in FULL!)


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