I have a gigantic…

… CD collection! 😛 Prior to the move, I have decided that I need to get rid of most of my CDs in order to free up dead space, and am currently engaged on a mammoth project to try to rip them all to my iMac’s hard drive (I am doing it at the highest […]

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: The Studio Ghibli Collection

Many will know, I am a big fan of Ghibli (and especially so of the soundtracks to the films – Joe Hisaishi is awesome!!), and so I figured that it was time that the World had a Spotify playlist – a collective of some of the songs that have come out of The Studio Ghibli Collection […]

Adam Lambert – Glam Nation Live!

This week saw the release of Glam Nation Live! – a CD/DVD recording of Adam Lambert’s recent Glam Nation tour – and provides perhaps his best recordings yet in my opinion!! I was a bit of a fan before, however having listened to the CD on Spotify, I have to confess to having most of […]

Queen – Sheer Heart Attack (Remastered)

In celebration of the anniversary of 40 years of the awesome and iconic rock band, ‘Queen’ (my personal favourites!!), their new record label, Island Records, have decided to remaster all of the old albums and re-release them throughout the year. A remastered ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ came onto Spotify today and, whilst you can never beat […]