I now have a full set of MJ ‘This Is It’ tour tickets – WHOOT!

I now have a full set of MJ 'This Is It' tour tickets - WHOOT!

I’m thrilled to say that I now have the complete set of lenticular tickets from the ill-fated MJ ‘The Is It’ tour – which I can honestly say, I don’t think many other people in the World will have! (a fair number of people will have one or two, but I very much doubt that more than a few hundred complete sets will exist Worldwide).

As many people will probably know, I am a massive MJ fan, and whilst I’m not looking to sell at present, these tickets are a fantastic momento and souvenir, and I look forward to enjoying them in the years to come ^_^

Spring Awakening to tour the UK!

This news has absolutely just made my day – I’ve just accidentally shoved my sandwich off my desk and onto the floor in my excitement and rush to post 😀 Can’t begin to explain just how excited and happy I am (*squee!* hehe) – most of the West End community have been clamouring for news […]

Kerpow! Batman Live – UK Tour

I am unbelievably excited about the news that there is to be a live show featuring the caped crusader, which will be  hitting UK arenas in the summer of 2011 😀 The below article was filed by Whatsonstage’s Andrew Girvan and tells you everything that you need to know, all sounds jolly amazing! They’re tending to do […]