Twenty-ish years of P!nk

I’ve just watched P!nk’s INCREDIBLE performance at The Brit Awards, and it’s left me very emotional!

It also represents nearly a lifetime of my listening to her amazing music.

P!nk – Raise Your Glass

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new track from P!nk, which will feature on her forthcoming ‘Greatest Hits… So Far!’  album: *Raises his glass* 😛 I’ve had this on a constant loop for the past 90 minutes! Huge thanks to the fab @ChrisFW on twitter for highlighting this! 😀

Glitter In The Air

It was two of our friends’ civil partnership on Saturday just gone, and in addition to having a marvellous night celebrating this fabulous occasion with them and other friends at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, I also had my first ever slow dance! It seems very Bridget Jones to be saying that at the […]

P!nk at the O2 Arena, Sat 2nd May ’09

Last night, I went to see P!nk at the O2 Arena, London. WOW! Mister Greg and I are big P!nk fans, and I’d always said that if she went on tour, I’d be first in the queue to purchase tickets. You can no doubt imagine my excitement when a tour was announced a few weeks […]

Recent shennanigans in the realm of DarkAeon

Rar, So I figured that it was about time for another personal update to my blog; I never seem to find time to be able to do these sort of posts any more. That said, not all that much has happened if I’m honest (well, nothing interesting enough to blog about!). My employers have decided […]