Awesome weather pics – Vauxhall Bridge

On Friday 10th June, whilst walking back home with Mr Max, we happened to notice some STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL weather displays all around us on Vauxhall Bridge. Literally, the weather was doing something different every 90 degree turn or so. A storm was brewing and the air was so crisp and clear, it was astounding how […]

Iceland 2011 – The Photos

Ahoy, So as most people know by now, Karl and I went on holiday to Reykjavik, Iceland between 9th February and 13th February 2011. We took so many pictures that it’s actually taken me three days to sort through them all, much longer than I’d anticipated, and it’s eaten into the time I’d set aside […]

PHOTO SET: Purity in Death

OK, so this is going to be perhaps the most controversial thing that I’ve done on this blog… definitely the most controversial thing that I’ve done in a long time. You’re either going to get it, or you might disagree with it – and I fully appreciate that! I’ll try and explain my reasoning behind […]