Falcon in Trafalgar Square

Managed to get a snap of the falcon in Trafalgar Square this morning – very pleased! Lighting is a little off as I had to shoot into direct sunlight, plus this is on my new phone (and so I haven’t a clue how the camera works heh). The falcon was a little restless, though kept […]

Street View – Google Maps

Just happened across this new service which has just gone live across many of Google’s maps of the UK’s cities. It is somewhat addictive I have to admit! The basic idea is that instead of just zooming down to steet level as you would do on a map, now you can actually see a 3-D […]

Maplin shows off it’s new ‘hardware’

I was in Maplin the other day to purchase my new external HDD so as to take some of the pressure off my internal SATA and, whilst perusing their quality merchandise, I couldn’t help but notice that it seems that they have (perhaps innocently! hehe) decided to forray/stumble into the world of ‘adult’ products…. LOL!