Iceland 2011 – The Photos


So as most people know by now, Karl and I went on holiday to Reykjavik, Iceland between 9th February and 13th February 2011.

We took so many pictures that it’s actually taken me three days to sort through them all, much longer than I’d anticipated, and it’s eaten into the time I’d set aside for blogging about the holiday to be honest! Therefore, I wanted to share the pictures with you all today and I will catch up with the nice fancy blogs explaining it all over the coming week(s) 🙂

Many thanks to all who’ve had kind things to say about the ‘teaser’ photos that I’ve been casually releasing on twitter over the past few days as a choice few have caught my eye. Very kind of you all. It’s a stunning place, and it really is easy to get a gorgeous picture!

The best place to view these photos is going to be via my MobileMe gallery:

If you can, I’d suggest downloading the albums via the link at the top of each one, and viewing on your local machine, to get a sense of just how beautiful Iceland really is (as then you can enjoy the pictures without the usual online compression) – however the framework for viewing online is still very good for those unable to do so.

The downside to MobileMe is that you cannot add comments or rate the pictures etc, so to that end, for those people who are on my Facebook – these same pictures have also been uploaded there. So if you’d like to comment, I’d suggest that you view in MobileMe, store up your comments in your head, find that same picture in Facebook and then comment! hehe!

** NB – iPhoto is currently being an arse and not communicating properly with Facebook – so for now, photos are just on MobileMe – should post to Facebook overnight!**

Really hope that you all enjoy these photos and I hope that you’ll come back to this blog again soon to read all about what Karl and I got up to – we truly had an amazing time and can’t wait to share it with you guys! 🙂

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