REVIEW: Justin Bieber – Never Say Never [2011]

I may be about to shatter just about any ounce of credibility that I ever had with most of my peers… however, I’ve just returned from a screening of Never Say Never – the Justin Bieber movie – and I have to say, I think that I’m starting to show early symptoms of the Bieber fever!! 😮

I caught the trailer for the movie a few days ago when I went to see Gnomeo and Juliet and what drew me to the movie was the geeky element to it, and not Bieber himself. I work in the live music industry and what really excited me was the 3D scaling of the concert footage and especially the huge crowd shots. That said, I’ll also happily admit to liking three of his songs, namely Baby, Somebody to Love, and Never Say Never (remixed version).

What you get with this movie is something that is very similar in feel to the This Is It, Michael Jackson film (co-incidentally, AEG Live were involved with both) – the latter was also in 3D but obviously without the huge sweeping crowd shots.

Whilst I was already aware of Bieber fever and whatnot, even I was taken aback by all of the mania surrounding this kid, I mean seriously, WOW. Kudos to him and his team, as it’s totally insane! I was even moved to shed a random tear at one point, it was so cute to see all these kids and how Bieber was reacting to them, and how much in turn that meant to them. I also got to learn about his back story which proved rather interesting, and hey, who am I to pour scorn on this if it helps provide inspiration to other kids out there who perhaps are struggling to get signed and break in to the toughest industry in the business!

Fortunately, there’s not too much ‘interview’ in this movie, so if you’re not a great fan of his personality, then you don’t have to deal with that too much, though you MUST go to a screening with screaming teenage girls in it, as it really puts the Dolby to shame hehe!! Another thing I learned from this movie was that this kid really can play instruments too – I am somewhat jealous!

In summation, whilst I appreciate this may not be most people’s cup of tea (including, I thought, mine), I think this is worth a go if you’re stuck for something to go see, or if you have a pleading niece/daughter who is wanting to go see – having seen the footage of the concerts, I’d definitely want to try to get tickets for our suite next time he’s in town, getting stuck in with Bieber fever looks like insane fun! 😛

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