Samsung 3D LED TV Advert

It’s only very occasionally that I do this, however I have to say, this advert is the absolute bees knees. I’m sure that I, like many people, have been excited for quite some time at the prospect of 3D TVs, though I do think that Samsung have really excelled themselves with this advert, one of […] – 10,000 plays

Hurrah! My plays have just passed 10,000! Although this sounds like a monumental number, I assure you that it is not! Alas is only picking up stats from 9 Feb 2008, and I often listen to music on devices that do not have connection with, especially on my mobile and at work. […]

Daniel Radcliffe – Attitude Magazine

The ever yummy Daniel Radcliffe is the cover boy on August 2009’s Attitue Magazine, hurrah! I am only half way through the last issue (which fawns over ‘Bruno’… ugh!) and so may just abandon it and go straight to this issue! šŸ™‚ Youth Issue is always the best in my opinion, think this may be […]

Cadbury’s Eyebrow Dance

Just came across this advert for Cadbury’s Daily Milk… I wasn’t really a fan of the gorilla advert to be honest.. it seemed a little… well rubbish and overblown! Whilst I still think that this new ad is also a little bit too extravagant for a bar of chocolate, I absolutely love it!

Zavvi Goes Into Administration.

So, Zavvi have also gone to the administrators : BBC NEWS For FAQ’s regarding the administration, including what to do if you have Gift Vouchers (you can no longerĀ redeem them for goods or services)Ā or wish to return/exchange items going forward – CLICK HEREĀ for the administration notice on Zavvi’s website. What does putting a company intoĀ “administration” […]