Letter To Myself: 5th October 2010

Dear Gari,

I hope that you’re doing well, it’s been a little while since we last caught up! Hope things are going well? I’m currently at work, eating a sandwich, intermittently humming the Popeye theme (well, my sandwich does have spinach on it!) whilst also chair dancing along to the Power Rangers theme! Fun times!

The last time we spoke, I had just moved across to Vauxhall, and I quickly updated you with the basics. Well, that was around 10 days ago now, and I am very pleased to report that I have settled in very well, and continue to get along very well with the friends that I’ve moved in with. They’re all really nice and they’ve been keeping an eye out for me, and are really looking after me 🙂

I need to work out how the washing machine works though as I am literally about to run out of clothes, I only have one outfit left – erk! Maybe I’ll employ a secret maid who only comes on a Wednesday morning so that they think I’m just a super housemate who cleans like mad when I’m on my own heh!

Last night, it was rather gloomy outside during the (35 minute!) walk home from work, however by the time I got back to the development, there was a gorgeous twilight skyline visible over the Thames and looking across to one of my favourite buildings, Battersea Power Station. There’s even a partial rainbow over it!

It’s seeing views like this that really make me change my opinion of London, as you well know, I am usually very quick to judge London for being a horrid dirty smelly mess!

Work has been crazy busy recently, and not much fun. Today is a little more slow-paced fortunately, and I am getting on better with people today after a few days of being grumpy, but at the same time, I am very much relishing the thought of my day off tomorrow!

My personal life has recently become amazingly fabulous. Last Tuesday (13:02, Vauxhall Bridge) I met up again with a the lovely Karl and I’ve barely left his side since! He’s so lovely, he even walks me to work most days. I don’t think I’ve been this happy in… well, ever! Such a fab and sweet boyfriend, I really don’t deserve him! Anyway, I won’t gush on with myself too much, suffice to say that he knows that I like him lots, and lots, and lots, and I know that he also likes me lots, so yay! Very exciting and wonderful times 😀

Socially, we’ve been doing a fair bit this past week – we went to see the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary O2 concert being screened at the Vue Cinema (Leicester Square) in London, which was absolutely epic! Karl and I were both in tears at the end, especially when the 1985 cast came on, a fantastic evening that I don’t think I’ll ever forget!. Matt Lucas started following me on twitter  the other day, which was awesome as he only follows a few, and, as Karl tweeted him during the Les Mis show, he also got followed back by Matt during the interval, and even got a direct message from him! (slightly jealous! heh).

Last Friday, we managed to see Richard O’Brien in Vauxhall and we danced the Time Warp with him! It was beyond amazing, I am still totally dumbstruck that we were able to do this, especially as we were right at the front and Richard was watching!! 😀

The clip below isn’t from the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, which was a bit more energetic/rocky, but you get the idea! 😀

Last week, Karl and I went to see Avenue Q, which went down a storm, and tomorrow, due to an unfortunate change of plans with another friend, I am now going to take him with me to see Priscilla too, which I know he’s desperate to see! (yay). Friday I am taking him to Doctor Who Live, and then we’ve been invited to go to Onassis on Monday 11th.

As you can probably tell, I am ecstatically happy at the moment with life, and I am so pleased that the darkness of the past few weeks has seemingly/finally melted away. I still have a few general insecurities and worries, but I know that they’re all silly and in my head, as always, and that my life couldn’t possibly get any better than it is at the moment 🙂

Anyway, do please write me back with more news soon!


Gari x

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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