HMV Curzon

I wouldn’t say that I moan *that* much, however, you will oft hear me begrudging the state and price of London’s many cinemas.

In fact, I miss so many epic films at the cinema because the city makes it impossible for me to go! At £10 a ticket, frankly I may as well just buy the DVD.

The HMV Curzon is a new venture that has been trialed in Wimbledon, near to where I live, and from what I hear has been a resounding success!

I have been meaning to pop in there for a few months now, but only had chance to this afternoon (I went to see Precious, and had been failed by my two local Odeon cinemas).

The whole experience, from start to finish, was amazing.

The cinema is actually up on the second floor, above the store, and you can either pre-buy your tickets online at or else you can buy them from the food/bar area of the cinema. If you buy in person, you save on the booking fee that the website levies.

In terms of the environment, the HMV Curzon in Wimbledon has a very bohemian feel to it – the facilities are really nice, and everything is to a high standard – at the moment this doesn’t have the same worn out mass-footfall and family feel to it as some of it’s more tired looking competitors have, and I think that it really benefits from this. They chalk the name and time of the films above the screen doors, and you can take a good old cup of tea into the cinema with you if you so wish. The HMV Curzon also has some amazing smelling handwash in the toilets, which I momentarily contemplated nabbing, before scorning myself severely heh!

The picture below shows ‘The Blue Screen’ (I was sat second to back row):

As for the seats, well… gosh!

Supposedly (according to everyone that I know, and BBC’s QI), I am short – 5’8″ – and so I found the leg room to be outstanding! I couldn’t actually get my feet to the chair in front of me. Seriously! I think these were some of the comfiest cinema seats that I have ever sat on!

Going back to that retro/bohemian feel, this cinema screens a mixture of brand new releases, indie films and some classics – it was awesome to see the trailer for the new Invictus movie (which I am phenomenally excited about!) followed straight after by the original trailer for Breakfast At Tiffany’s! (screening on Valentine’s Day @ 18:40)

If you’re thinking of going to the cinema on your own, it seems that you’d be in good company at this cinema – there were more singles in there (myself included) than couples, though this may just been due to the time of day (I went at 1pm). All in all, a very nice and relaxed experience.

The pricing here is very reasonable and works to a model that the North seems to use a lot more than London does – click the below image to expand the current Wimbledon tariff.

I would assume that they will roll out HMV Curzons across the country in the near future and, if they do, I’d strongly recommend you give one a go and see how you fare!

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