Movies I’m looking forward to – 2010

Earlier, I was at my friend Tom’s place and we watched a few trailers on his iPad (I’m still not sold on the need to have one of these :P) – doing so made me realise that I am REALLY looking forward to quite a few movies: (though I want them to continue will the […]

HMV Curzon

I wouldn’t say that I moan *that* much, however, you will oft hear me begrudging the state and price of London’s many cinemas. In fact, I miss so many epic films at the cinema because the city makes it impossible for me to go! At £10 a ticket, frankly I may as well just buy […]

Top Gun [1986]

I watched Top Gun for the first time in ages t’other day… I’d completely forgotten what an awesome film it is! They really don’t make them like this any more. Suddenly I’ve gotten all excited again about fighter planes and naval ships and really want to morph into being Tom Cruise and have cool 80s […]