ALBUM REVIEW: Sam Tsui – ‘The Covers’

I have to say, this has to be one of the albums that has caused me to be the most excited about it’s release; largely as Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider’s work has been confined to YouTube since starting out (with a few TV spots thrown in for good measure), so to get these tracks out on .mp3 is marvellous!

Many pages of my blog have been devoted to this talented duo, and so it only seems right for me to write a review of the album; as you may expect, I am going to rave about how fantastic  it is!

1. Michael Jackson Medley: The song that catapulted Sam Tsui to mass online fame, are there many people out there who haven’t seen this amazing song/video? This is just one person, Sam, singing all of these vocal parts, and Kurt Schneider deserves huge kudos for engineering such a remarkable arrangement!

2. Down: I love the ‘raw’ ness of this track with the delicate vocal against the harsh tones of the piano.

3. Don’t Stop Believin’: Before MJ Medley was created, there was Tsui’s cover of Don’t Stop Believin’ (the GLEE version) which gave him a lot of early attention in the US. Again, it’s one of these songs where Tsui sings multiple parts – I have to say, that I actually prefer this version of the song to the GLEE version (don’t shoot me fellow Gleeks heh!!).

4. Halo: Another ‘delicate’ offering, and really shows off Tsui’s voice.

5. Breaking Free (feat: Allison Williams): all together now…. ‘we’reeeee soooooooooaring, flyyyyyyyyyyyying, there’s not a star in Heaven that we can’t reach!’

Marvellous cover version, and Allison Williams is another of those amazing vocalists working with Schneider, and so I’m sure we’ll hear much more of her going forward!

6. You and I Both: – a nice Jason Mraz cover that exposes a different and deeper sound to Tsui’s vocal.

7. Run: OK, so he’s not Leona, but he’s a damn good stand-in for Leona! 😉

8. Thinking of You: a Katy Perry song, I really liked this cover – a different sound to the rest of the album.

9. Lady Gaga Medley: PHENOMENAL! Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra, ro-ma-ro-ma-ma! 😀

10. Fireflies: fab cover – I prefer this to the original to be honest! (the Owl City original is currently storming the charts in the UK).

So there you have it, my thoughts on this amazing album!

This album also has the distinction of being the first album that I have ever downloaded! I know, this is a shocking admission right, especially as I am so geeky! The fact of it is that I usually purchase CDs online so that I have a hard back-up copy, and so, due to the nature of this album I had no choice.That said, I couldn’t have picked a better album imo!

I had a few bumps buying it from (they had an API problem) however they eventually smoothed out and are definitely the cheapest that I came across – especially for those in the UK (it’s $9.99 – which is around £6.20 GBP). You can also buy the album from 7Digital (currently £7.29) and Amazon mp3 (it will be £6.99 when released on 09 Feb 2010). iTunes will also carry it in early February 2010. – UPDATE – now available from iTunes (US) via THIS link.

What are you waiting for, GO BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Recommended links:

Sam Tsui’s MySpace

Kurt Hugo Schneider’s MySpace

Kurt’s YouTube channel (highly recommended you subscribe to!)

Sam Tsui on twitter

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