I now have a full set of MJ ‘This Is It’ tour tickets – WHOOT!

I now have a full set of MJ 'This Is It' tour tickets - WHOOT!

I’m thrilled to say that I now have the complete set of lenticular tickets from the ill-fated MJ ‘The Is It’ tour – which I can honestly say, I don’t think many other people in the World will have! (a fair number of people will have one or two, but I very much doubt that more than a few hundred complete sets will exist Worldwide).

As many people will probably know, I am a massive MJ fan, and whilst I’m not looking to sell at present, these tickets are a fantastic momento and souvenir, and I look forward to enjoying them in the years to come ^_^

GLEE does THRILLER!!! (Picture spoilers in post)

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! Glee are going to be doing Michael Jackson’s THRILLER in their first show after the US mid-season break on Sunday February 6th, right after the Superbowl!! (which, for all of us non-US folk, is why they’re on a playing field…. naturally! 😛 ) Pictures from the episode have literally only just leaked […]

Michael Jackson – Breaking News

Absolutely LOVE this new MJ track! Typically it’s released amidst a whole load of publicity from random people coming out of the cracks, professing to be his best friend, and saying that it’s inappropriate and dishonours his memory etc. Admittedly the original meaning of this initial release seems a little skewed/lost in light of recent […]

David Garrett – Smooth Criminal (Classical Cover)

It was only last night that I was tweeting about how much that I REALLY wanted someone to pull together a classical live performance / concept album of Michael Jackson songs that had been re-worked to be performed by a symphony orchestra or similar. Yes, I am thinking rather like Metallica’s S&M album/performances, and I […]

Over The Rainbow – Alternates

With all of the ‘Over The Rainbow’ love at the moment, thanks to Lord Lloyd-Webber’s new casting show on the BBC, I thought that I’d take his opportunity to share some alternate Oz-esque loving with ya’ll! First up, the legendary Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole with his classic version of Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World: I remember […]