EDF ‘Green Britain Day’ advert

I adore this little advert from EDF Energy for their launch of ‘Green Britain Day‘!

Such a delightfully poignant advert which really does make one stop and think about things. In addition to energy consumption, it also makes me pause to think that if we could come out of the Blitz and stage the Olympic Games in 1948, that 2012 should pose no problems at all in comparison to the challenges that they must have faced back in the day; especially if we all rally around behind them!

Ironically, EDF is a huge French company (85% owned by the French Government!), and so it seems somewhat strange that it is from their adverts featuring elements of historic Brit culture that these emotions are being instilled into my fellow Brits and I!

Without getting into the politics of it all, it is worth noting that the idea of Green Britain Day also has it’s vocal critics too.

But it is not for their credentials that I post this blog, but to say that I think that EDF Energy seem to make some marvellous adverts, and really do push their supposed green agenda. We were automatically connected to them when they built the apartments, and we didn’t bother changing over to be honest… quite glad that I didn’t really, as, irrespective, they seem to be the only energy company with the confidence in their pricing and products to advertise at the moment!

More fab ads please EDF!

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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