Life Update: Wednesday 1 August 2012

Has it really been nearly a month since I was last able to update my site?! COR! That said, it’s been a busy few weeks and today really is the first moment where I’ve had some time to myself – I’ve worked Wimbledon, been busy with the Olympics at work, and have taken on two […]

Leicester Square re-opens – 24 May 2012

Having spent the last six years, whilst in London, working directly on Leicester Square (much of the time with a window view overlooking the Square and all its premieres etc.), I have to say that I am very pleased to see that the £15m upgrade project has finally been finished. Not surprisingly, it’s about two […]

Vancouver 2010

I am rather excited that the Winter Olympics open in Vancouver this evening! The Opening Ceremony is a three-hour extravaganza which will be aired on BBC Two at 01:45 GMT Saturday Morning. The Opening Ceremony will also première the star-studded ‘We Are The World’ cover that the US have done to help the people in […]

EDF ‘Green Britain Day’ advert

I adore this little advert from EDF Energy for their launch of ‘Green Britain Day‘! Such a delightfully poignant advert which really does make one stop and think about things. In addition to energy consumption, it also makes me pause to think that if we could come out of the Blitz and stage the Olympic […]