A few people over the last few months have questioned why I have adverts on my site, and I just wanted to acknowledge this query directly on my site! 🙂 insist on putting what they call ‘discreet’ adverts from time to time on everybody’s posts in order to keep their site as free.  They’re […]

EDF ‘Green Britain Day’ advert

I adore this little advert from EDF Energy for their launch of ‘Green Britain Day‘! Such a delightfully poignant advert which really does make one stop and think about things. In addition to energy consumption, it also makes me pause to think that if we could come out of the Blitz and stage the Olympic […]

Cadbury’s Eyebrow Dance

Just came across this advert for Cadbury’s Daily Milk… I wasn’t really a fan of the gorilla advert to be honest.. it seemed a little… well rubbish and overblown! Whilst I still think that this new ad is also a little bit too extravagant for a bar of chocolate, I absolutely love it!

The red car and the blue car had a race…

Huzzah! Milky way advert from the 1980’s (back when everything was fun and exciting for us kiddies!). If you need the lyrics to song-a-long, then frankly, I’m bitterly disappointed in you!! the red car and the blue car had a race all red wants to do is stuff his face he eats everything he sees from trucks […]