Queer As Folk (UK)

I’ve been staying in and re-watching Queer as Folk recently in a bid to beat the credit crunch hype that the media are whipping up at the moment.

I really had forgotten how amazing this series is!


Basically, Queer as Folk is a British television series that chronicles the lives of three gay men (Stuart, Vince and Nathan) living in Manchester’s gay village around Canal Street.

Back in 1999, I was a little too young to have seen this on my televisual radar (I was only 14!), however I was quick to get it on DVD a couple of years later.

It’s really strange for me, as for once I really can take a lot from it. Yes, some of it is very OTT and at times not all that an accurate a portrayal of gay-life; however an awful lot of it is inherrent within gay life – and so whilst some bits don’t factor into my life, they certainly will factor into someone elses. That said, I don’t think that my story differs all too much from the themes explored in this programme at all, and that makes it absolutely fascinating to watch really!

I come from Manchester originally and, when I first moved into the City Centre, my boyfriend at the time of starting Uni was exactly like Stuart Jones is in this show! It’s uncanny! Not to mention that I was exactly like Nathan when I first came out! This seems especially true when looking back at my attitude, and the kind of scrapes I got into and my levels of maturity when I first hit the Gay Village around the age of 16. It’s scary, because even now, ten years on from the creation of this show,  and several years after first seeing it, I still find myself relating to the story of Stuart, Vince and Nathan, each time from a seemingly different perspective.

Russell T Davies (who went on to bring back Doctor Who) really has managed to create a fantastic series with Queer as Folk – seen as a breakthrough at the time, as the only other gays on TV at the time were Tony and Simon in Eastenders, and they weren’t exactly having the best time of it!

I must stress at this point that we gays do not do as much running around as they do in this programme heh! Russell T Davies is obsessed with quirky movement (in Doctor Who, characters frequently travel up/down as oppossed to left/right, in QAF, they run every-chuffing-where!).

I must confess something of a ‘thing’ for Charlie Hunnam (Nathan), which Mister Greg has been very tollerant to put up with whilst we’ve been re-watching the series hehe!!!



Denise Black (Hazel) is definitely my favourite character of the series, followed shortly by Anthony Cotton as Alexander (both now in Corrie!).

I never really got into Queer as Folk USA to be honest, I think that the UK series was the original and the best! I know that I will be watching this and continuing to identify with it for many years to come – truly spiffing telly!!

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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