Adam Lambert – Glam Nation Live!

This week saw the release of Glam Nation Live! – a CD/DVD recording of Adam Lambert’s recent Glam Nation tour – and provides perhaps his best recordings yet in my opinion!! I was a bit of a fan before, however having listened to the CD on Spotify, I have to confess to having most of […]

Tron: Uprising – First look

Although billed as a ‘first look’ on the Tron: Legacy DVD/3D & 2D BluRay sets that are coming out in the UK on April 18th (whoop whoop!!!); it seems that the internet has already picked up on the trailer and promotional material for Tron: Uprising, and so it is now a case of ‘first look, […]


I have just finished watching FlashForward, Season One , Episode 22 (FutureShock) and I really really loved the episode which, conversely, has now made me really angry with the whole series (and I never get angry, especially over TV!!). I went into this episode knowing full well that the show had been cancelled weeks earlier, however […]

(500) Days of Summer

I’ve just got around to watching (500) Days of Summer and, I have to say, it was every bit as marvellous as I was expecting it to be. For an Independent film, this really has done magnificently, and perhaps shows that you don’t need big corporate Hollywood movie bucks when it comes to making a […]

Ugly Betty – CANCELLED!

Oi, Betty, NOOOOOOOOO! 😦 Sad times! It’s not often that I buy a DVD box set of a TV show, however Ugly Betty was the first TV series that prompted me to do this, and I am absolutely gutted that it’s been cancelled as, for me, it was one of the best TV shows there’s […]