Desperate Housewives – Seasons 1 thro’ 5 Box Set

HURRAH! The 31 DVD disc set of Desperate Housewives that I treated myself to has arrived! It’s absolutely mammoth, I cannot get one hand around it, I have to use both hands to be able to comfortably hold it around the sides. I rarely buy DVD box sets, and so I am slightly surprised that […]

Kylie – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

I was watching “Kylie, Live In Sydney” last night, which is a DVD copy of her ‘On A Night Like This’ tour from 2001, which was  pre-Fever album. I was taken by the fact that nobody even batted an eyelid when she introduced them to ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ – a then […]

Tim Burton’s ‘Corpse Bride’ [2005]

Last night, in the midst of a marvellous storm, I sat down and watched ‘Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride’ for the very first time. Straight up, I think that this is one of the best films that I have seen! There are just so many perfect elements to it; not to mention the awesome soundtrack by […]

A Short Stay In Switzerland

When this aired earlier this year, I have to say, I was greatly moved by it! Julie Walters is truly one of our finest actors and what she brought to this performance was phenomenal I thought! I was in floods by the time that I’d finished watching it, and it really did get under my […]

Princess Mononoke / Spirited Away

Over the last two weeks I have been getting re-acquainted with some of the more popular Studio Ghibli films, notably Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away (both by Hayao Miyazaki). Princess Mononoke Spirited Away If you have not yet had chance to see these films, I really would recommend them! Spirited Away is a good entry […]