Kylie is officially my all-time favourite artist – WOO!

Just checked my Last.Fm page for the first time this week and I noticed that my charts now show Kylie as my most played artist – woo!

Since I started the profile in February ’08, Pink! has always dominated my ‘all-time’ favourite artist spot and been a clear leader, however Kylie has shot up from 6th place to 1st this week (probably due, in the main, to me having been to see her concert this week – post to follow!) – hurrah!

Here’s a clip of my favourite Kylie song (Your Disco Needs You) to celebrate!

Last.Fm have recently redesigned their website, with their charts now being in real time, and the option to limit out by week. I really suggest giving it a whirl if you’ve not already done so! :oD

Position in the Top 20 on the left; Artist in the middle; Total overall plays on the right.

1    Kylie Minogue   102
2    Pink  91
3    Original Broadway Cast   80
4    Jonathan Larson  68
5    Mika  62
6    Elton John  61
7    Michael Ball  57
8    Hairspray  46
9    Madonna  45
10   [unknown]  44
10   Céline Dion  44
12   Metallica  40
13   Robbie Williams  38
14   Westlife  37
15   Shania Twain  35
15   Take That  35
17   Linkin Park   34
17   Eurovision 2008   34
17   Christina Aguilera   34
20   Bon Jovi   33

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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