– 10,000 plays

Hurrah! My plays have just passed 10,000! Although this sounds like a monumental number, I assure you that it is not! Alas is only picking up stats from 9 Feb 2008, and I often listen to music on devices that do not have connection with, especially on my mobile and at work. […]

Help required – iPod/iTunes/

UPDATE: Issue resolved,’s scrobbler was to blame – TSK! Taking the unusual step of using my blog to ask for help on the below issue (as I am completely bewildered by the intricacies of iTunes at the moment). Here’s hoping that something comes of it! 😀 Thanks folks!! x UPDATE: Issue resolved,’s scrobbler […]

Latest radio page

Recently, I’ve started using the player a lot more frequently instead of just using the service for scrobbling, and I have to say, the new radio / radio page is a HUGE improvement! I like the integrated stats, slideshow, interface, links to events and download info and most noticably, the speed with which the […] : The Ark

I was listening to’s music player yesterday for artists who were similar to the awesome Scissor Sisters (who REALLY need to release some new material soon! NB – new album in the works, though the little-known drummer, Paddy, left late 2008 and before SS premiered new demo material) and I came across a Swedish […]

Spring Awakening – OBC recording

For my review of the show, please click HERE. Cor blimey! I’ve just checked my stats and have discovered that in the seven days since purchasing this soundtrack, it’s already my 3rd most played artist of the last 12 months to date, and my 10th most popular artist of all times (there’s scope for […]