Spend a penny for bangers and mash!

Rar, so I’m currently at home, bouncing around to various trance songs of yester-year (such as ‘Oh tell me why, do we build castles in the sky / from meat pies’; Meck – ‘Thunder in my Heart’ and Kelly Llorenna’s back-catalogue!)

One of my fave dance tracks *ever* is Gigi D’Agostino – L’amour Toujours (I’ll Fly With You).

In a bid to show my northern roots, I should also point out that I LOVE this Hard House track… it’s called ‘Till Tears Do Us Part and is by Heaven’s Cry (released on Tidy Trax) and took Ben and I years to source back when we all still lived in 2002 and thought yellow highlights were so so cool.

Anyways, enough of me being butch, and on to me ranting about toilets, bangers and mash and the local constabulary!

On Wednesday, Stu and I were very kindly invited over to Nikki and Carlos’ place for a group dinner. Given that they live over in Vauxhall I had thought it’d be a nightmare to get over there from the West End (yes, I know it’s not that far, but the transport to South London is normally abysmal!). As chance had it, I walked from Leicester Square to Waterloo, and planned to catch a train one stop down to Vauxhall from there.

Unfortunately, I’d been drinking quite a lot of water throughout the day, and so when it came to crossing the Thames at Waterloo Bridge, I realised that I needed the loo. It must have been the sight of all that dirty water! Thus, I stopped at a shop and paid over the odds for a bar of chocolate so that I had 20p in change to use the loos at Waterloo.

You can no doubt imagine my fury when I got there and encountered the below sign…

I mean seriously, 30p to have a wee?!?!?! The cheeky, greedy, conning swines! Are they taking the piss? Well, clearly not enough if they’re having to charge THAT much!

I was terribly riled at the thought of having to pay 30p given that the cost of my urine had seemingly gone up by 33% in a week! Terrible! They must be some of the most expensive public toilets in the country now!!! I know they have those cool Dyson Air-Blades in them, but seriously?!?! Don’t they know that inflation is only 2.5% at the moment… ! (it will be fun reading this back in 20 years, I’m sure hehe)


Anyway, when I got downstairs, the turnstiles were out of action so I didn’t have to pay in the end and so you’ve just read my rantings for nothing hehe! :oP

Ended up in Vauxhall and whilst waiting for Stu and Nikki, I noticed just how many people seem to smoke in Vauxhall. I mean, it was disgusting! I was waiting outside the station for them, and the amount of people blowing smoke into my face was absolutely repulsive. I tried to move several times, but yet more people started lighting up – ugh!

Dinner at Nikki and Carlos’ was lots of fun, really pleased to have been invited. First proper dinner party that I’ve been to as well! I’ve hosted friends over at mine and Marc’s before, but never actually been to someone else’s for a proper dinner do. See, being single and getting out more really has done me a bit of good, and so at least I now have a good strong foundation to build on, with Stu’s help, to try and get me to be a lot less shy around our friends and to attend more of these kind of events! (provided we get invited, of course hehe) :oD

Dinner was bangers and mash and boy-oh-boy was it lovely, especially after we’d been let down by those awful sausages last week!! Hats off to Nikki to cooking for us, though I believe that he still has all of the washing up to do! hehe.

Once again, I felt that Stu fit in nicely with the social circle, even if he did struggle to get back into their apartment using the key-fob (due to lack of technical expertise), or start to tell stories perhaps not suitable for the dinner table hehe. More compliments about the quality of his company were received on the way home again and thus I am really enjoying being able to include Stu in my social plans as well as enjoying making our own plans together.

Between Stu and I, we managed to drink about 3 bottles of rosé wine I think… not best for the long ride home, but at least I didn’t have a headache in the morning!

On the way back I saw an increased police presence in Muswell Hill, which is terribly unusual, lots of bobbies on the beat. In fact, one slightly drunken looking old man asked the police for directions, and I saw the officer he was talking with call for back up, and all four of them picked him up and hussled him down a side-street to do God knows what to him! The guy wasn’t even that drunk and was just asking politely for directions! Still, needs as needs must I guess.

Off to Manchester with Stu tomorrow, so that should be lots of fun! No doubt I’ll update my blog over the weekend with all of the info that you could possible ever need!

Thanks for reading xx

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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