Cor, what a fantastic and fun-packed weekend this one has turned out to be! I hardly know where to start… I know, ‘lets starts at the very beginning… a very good place to start’… oh, wait, wrong musical!! 😛

So, Friday night was nice as Stu unexpectedly came round to stay at mine earlier than planned (he was supposed to see a Sarah Kane play but missed the start of it by two minutes), so we just sat in and ate pizza, had a natter, tried to watch a film, and then had a pretty lazy evening with the duvet.

Saturday, we didn’t get up until about lunchtime, and although we decided to go picnic up on Parliament Hill in Hamstead so that we could see the awesome views that are apparently up there, the blue skies vanished as soon as we got outside. Therefore we just stayed home and whiled away the afternoon before getting ready for Caspar’s party.

Regular blog readers will be aware that I am usually far too shy to go to houseparties. Tom’s one the other month was my first proper one, and so that makes this one my second… I’m becoming an old pro at it now me thinks!

We met Tom at Canary Wharf (albeit ten minutes late, whoops! :P) and went up to Casp’s place. Was really nice to have Stu with me, especially as I knew a few people were looking forward to finally meeting him 😀

In saying that, the party went really well I thought, everyone was very welcoming towards Stu and folk genuinely seemed to get along with him (I am still receiving nice SMS’s about meeting him even now hehe!). Feedback from Stu was also very positive and we’ve come out of the party having a few new social engagements and whatnot – huzzah! Very very happy at how well everything seems to have gone! Was also really nice to catch up with people again and Casp definitely put on a fab event.

I seem to have an additional red wine stain on one of my fave pairs of jeans though – not sure if that will come out or not (an old one I had never did) – anyone any suggestions?

Stu and I left the party at around 01:30 (the last tube idea kinda flew outta the window quite soon on hehe) and didn’t get back to mine until about 03:30 – ugh! On the plus side, we did stop off at the Dinosaurus kebab shop on TCR again (still can’t remember it’s proper name hehe) and so that was fabulous.

Woke up this morning without a hangover, which surprised me as I’d been on both rosé and red wine. I guess I got off lightly as I didn’t mix any spirits etc too. We had been thinking about going to watch the Marathon however by the time we woke up and whatnot it was a lil too late, so we decided to stay in bed for a bit instead. I had been going to make Bangers and Mash for tea last night, but didn’t get around to it, so we attempted to make it for lunch today. Unfortunately the sausages took over 30 mins (and still weren’t cooked) and we made an executive decision to abandon the meal, and so I just ate some of the mash – which was very yummy!

After seeing Stu off at the tube, I went to Ku Bar to meet up with a few of the guys who I was going to see Sing-A-Long-A-Hairspray with, currently showing at the Prince Charles Theatre, Leicester Square. In order to get an idea of the experience, you have to think Rocky Horror Picture Show in a cinema in the 1970’s with all of the audience participation bits in it. Simply put, it was FABULOUS! So many people made the effort to get dressed up, including people from our own group. I wanna go every week now hehe! I may well have been out of tune, but I still got up and had a sing and dance just like everyone else – I really do think ‘shy-Gari’ really is becoming a thing of the past – woo, go me! hehe.

Below are pictures of the kit that you get when you go to watch it…


Also included, but sadly destroyed in a blaze of sparks when I let it off – a party popper!

I cannot recommend this show highly enough – a great giggle for everyone and probably the best way to watch the 2007 film version of ‘Hairspray’!

Just home now and about to catch up with Dr Who and I’d Do Anything… oh and Casualty hehe!

Thanks for reading and always remember that “You Can’t Stop The Beat!” 😀 xx

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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