I’d Do Anything… for it to be next Saturday!

Just been watching show three of ‘I’d Do Anything’ on the BBC and WOW, the competition certainly has hot up in this past week! Cor!

Jessie is still my absolute favourite, below is her performance of ‘One Night Only’ – absolutely stunning!

Ashley’s my other favourite (and is my choice should Jessie not win)…

This almost made me cry!

I also liked Keisha’s song this week, The Lady Is A Tramp. I think Keisha’s clearly talented, but I am unsure about whether she is right for Nancy or not… she seems a little too good at the smooth soulstress songs rather than the rocky/raunchy ones that Nancy has to be able to pull off given her social status/role in the East End of London.

I’ve yet to see who gets voted out this week, however I am not particularly fussed about Fran (can’t stand her now), Tara (she looks like Becky outta Corrie), Niamh (I know people say that she’s fantastic, but I can just see her as too naive and I also dislike her fringe hehe). Ooo I’ve just seen who’s in the sing-off (clicked on a wrong YouTube link) – I think the bottom two are correct decisions for this week.

In Manchester with Stu on Saturday, so will be doing my usual catch up Sunday me thinks. Only 6 days to go till I can giggle at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s enthusiasm for the ‘red button’! :oD

I am pleased to find, despite my initial reservations, that this show has raised it’s game and has once again become compulsive Saturday night viewing! Whoop!

Thanks for reading xx

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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