A Stu-pendous trip to Oxford


Just back from Oxford and so I figured that I’d blog about my trip and the fab time that I had hehe.

Although we didn’t go to Oxford until the Friday (21st March), I was lucky enough to get to see Stu on Thursday as I had managed to secure us tickets to see a fantastic play called God of Carnage, currently playing at the Gielgud Theatre and starring, amongst a very highly talented but small cast, Ralph Fiennes. I cannot recommend this play highly enough – go see it!!

As per our plans, Stu came back to mine after the show and stayed over so that we could get a good head start for Oxford in the morning, We managed to get out of the house for a respectable 10am and caught the bus down to Finsbury Park tube station, and then the Victoria Line to Victoria station so as to be able to catch the Oxford Tube service up to, surprisingly(!), Oxford.

We nipped into Pret a Manger to grab a snack and I was dismayed to find they don’t serve soup until noon, so I made do with a rather nice sandwich instead.  I decided to go on a picture taking rampage and so here are a few that we took on-board the coach…  (NB – click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

Gari and Stu  - Oxford   Gari and Stu  - Oxford  Gsri - Oxford  Stu  - Oxford  Stu  - Oxford

The bloke in the background of the second picture looked very uncomfortable when Stu and I were snuggling up or having a quick kiss, so it was hilarious to see his face when we got off the coach. Basically, I loosened Stu’s belt at the start of the coach trip as a joke (nothing rude… honest! hehe) and Stu forgot all about it, so when he stood up, his pants fell down hehe! At the same time Stu exclaimed “I’d forgotten you undid my belt!” and the man behind us looked like he was about to spit feathers hehe!!! :oPWe also discovered that Stu has boobies… 

Stu  - Oxford  Stu  - Oxford

We made very good time getting into Oxford and encountered no traffic, which was fab.Once we got into Oxford, we went for Ice Cream at a local shop. My accent got in the way though as when I ordered a bananarama ice cream, I ended up with an Americano coffee… hmm!!! They were very apologetic when I pointed out the misunderstanding, though I did apologise on behalf of my accent and my cold/flu-affected voice hehe.

Ice Cream - Oxford

Whilst Mr Stu went to the toilets, I decided to see what it would be like if I became Stu… hehe!!…

Gsri - Oxford

After ice cream, we headed across the road to have a quick look around the gardens of Christ Church, which were fantastic. Mr Stu even gave me a piggy back bless him!!!

Christchurch - Oxford  Christchurch - Oxford  Stu  - Oxford  Christchurch - Oxford  Christchurch - Oxford

After Christchurch, we went and explored some of the rest of the city and took in some more of the marvelous architecture…

Architecture - Oxford  Architecture - Oxford  Architecture - Oxford  Architecture - Oxford  Architecture - Oxford  

I also discovered a really really old door set into the middle of a non-descript wall that had a doorbell on it, which was very random! Needless to say, I had to try and ring… hehe (apologies for the stupid facial expression!)

Gari - Oxford

Stu had an excellent idea and proposed that we went ice skating – which was fabulous!! I’ve been wanting to go all year, and Oxford have their own ice rink which is not only of decent quality, but also very well priced (£6 for the whole 2 hour public skating session). We did try to take a few pictures however we got told off as I hadn’t registered my camera with the front desk, and once they had pointed out the TINY sign in the very corner of the rink, we decided it would be too much fuss to go fill our paperwork and that we’d much rather continue skating anyway hehe.

Ice Skating - Oxford  Ice Skating - Oxford  Ice Skating - Oxford    Ice Skating - Oxford

After the ice skating, we headed over to Oxford Castle to have a poke around. We were very lucky and managed to squeeze on the last tour around the place and it was quite cool to have a look around the place. The stairs in the main tower were SO steep!!! As we were on a tour, I only managed to take one picture from the top of the tower. Still, at least it’s a very nice picture! :oP 

Stu  - Oxford

By the time we’d finished at the castle, it was raining really heavily! We were hungry for some tea and so we decided to head to Gormet Burger Kitchen to stuff ourselves on burgers – which were indeed VERY yummy!!

After we’d finished eating it was about 6pm and so we decided to head across to Oxford’s ‘gay scene’… which consisted of two pubs, both seen in the below picture…

Gays in Oxford

We stayed in The Castle Tavern for the evening (pub at front of picture), though it was a little bit dead… (bear in mind we were there until about 9pm on a Friday night, and there are only TWO gay pubs in Oxford)…

Gays in Oxford

Stu also managed to inadvertendly show off his best fisting poses on two occasions….

Gays in Oxford  Gays in Oxford


It was at this point that we were happily sipping on Magners, having a really nice chat and both wishing that I wasn’t going to have to head back to London shortly (Stu was staying in Oxford to visit family for the holidays) that Stu came up with a classic quote! I was mentioning about how much I like Barcelona in Spain, and I enquired as to whether Stu had ever been at all… to which he replied, “I’ve never travelled outside of Europe, so no!” DOH! hehe!!! Bless him, he very quickly realised his blooper and I have decided he looks very cute when embarrassed hehe!!

At 9pm we decided that it was a good time for me to head back so that I would be able to catch the underground and whatnot when I got back to London. It was rather sad to leave Stu behind in Oxford, but after having him to myself for over 24 hours, who am I to complain too much?! hehe. I had a REALLY good time in Oxford with Stu and am really looking forward to seeing him again.

I’ve saved the sweetest bit of this whole adventure until last though.Whilst we were out in Oxford, Stu pulled me into a shop and purchased me an Easter Egg so that I had one that I’d not bought myself hehe. All together now… AWWWWW :oD 

So, now Stu and I both have Myrtle Moo’s for Easter hehe. They’re very cute and I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat mine… hehe!!

Myrtle Moo

So yeah, a fabulous time has been had in Oxford and I can’t wait to get to see Mr Stu again!! I have a suggestion or two to make, and so we’ll see what happens there… :oD

Happy Easter all, and thanks for reading! xx    

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