B Boy Baby – The ‘Oxford Song’

It seems that I managed to forget to include what I am now calling my ‘Oxford Song’  in my previous post. Mutya Buena feat. Amy Winehouse – B Boy Baby Thus named as the ‘Oxford Song’ as it was played on the jukebox at The Castle Tavern whilst Stu and I were enjoying our magners and […]

A Stu-pendous trip to Oxford

Rar, Just back from Oxford and so I figured that I’d blog about my trip and the fab time that I had hehe. Although we didn’t go to Oxford until the Friday (21st March), I was lucky enough to get to see Stu on Thursday as I had managed to secure us tickets to see a fantastic […]

So, I finally did it…

… I finally caved in and gave up hope. Last night, I went and purchased Easter eggs for myself  *sob!* On the plus side, I now have two Cadbury’s Cremé Eggs all to myself! (and with Sainsbury’s retailing them at two for one – which works out at £1.00 each for medium sized eggs…well!) Therefore I think that […]