A quick round up…

Gee, a jolly busy past few days for me, so apologies for not blogging sooner, and I’ll try to keep things *fairly* brief heh!

So, Friday night was the work night out. I never normally go to work nights out, but I thought sod it, why not an went along with them all to Sugar Reef, which is just off Shaftesbury Avenue. Not too bad a venue surprisingly, though drinks seemed rather expensive (not that I bought any myself hehe). Much champagne and Magners was consumed, bit of camp dancing was had, and I generally had a fab time with *most* people. Yay! Still waiting for Lauren to upload all of the pictures from that night, as I know there’s a few dodgy ones of me knocking about looking nowhere near as butch as I actually am… :oP

On Saturday night I went out again with Stu (see “I bet you think ths song is about Stu”) and ended up in Yard Bar again. We had a good giggle whilst there and even managed to pick up a few free wristbands for Heaven. On the way over there though it absolutely chucked it down with rain – we are talking monsoon like conditions hehe. Therefore Stu and I ended up running like crazy and had to huggle up together in the doorway of The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Some kissing did occur which was especially nice as i) it was in public and nobody seemed to give two hoots and ii) the downpour and the fact that we were still getting soaked made it like something out of Four Wedddings And A Funeral hehe!!! Yay! At this point, we were soaking wet through and just resolved to go back to mine rather than spend a few hours clubbing in soaking wet clothing. We decided to be a piggies and treat ourselves to KFC, an interesting experience at midnight… especially when your estate agent is in there and is drunkenly ordering/consuming chicken… hmm!!

Sunday was my nice lazy day, I did a little bit of cleaning, but in all honesty, most of the day was spent in bed – yay me! I found a load of old pictures of me on my PC and uploaded them to Facebook as I realised that nobody in London has any idea about my history at all (in fairness, most people here don’t seem to enquire) so I thought it’d be nice to show them a lil bit of who I was in Manchester. It took HOURS to upload the pictures though… it was honestly like a running a finger-marathon, they ached so much afterwards!

Monday I overslept for work, primarily as I didn’t sleep at all on the Sunday night – grr. The day ended very nicely though as I was handed a pair of Spamalot tickets (some of the best seats in the house) and so I took Tom with me for a pre-theatre drink and then to enjoy the show. I’ve seen Spamalot three times now (West End, Broadway and now West End again) and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time it had Alan Dale in it, who played Bradford Meade in Ugly Betty and Jim Robinson in Neighbours. I have reviewed this performance HERE.  Glad that I took Tom as I knew that this show would appeal to his humour the most of all the people that I know, and this show simply seems to get better with age!

Tuesday was Tuesday, nothing too interesting to report in my working day. Joe came round in the evening and we watched a DVD adaptation of Gunther Grass’ novel The Tin Drum  (a slightly disturbing, but never-the-less enjoyable film) – lots of fun.

On Wednesday I also took Joe to see Jersey Boys with me – gosh, he’s probably sick of the sight of me by now!!! hehe. A pleasant evening was had though, and my review on this show can be found HERE.

Thursday was a bit of a nothingness day, with not very much to report really!

So there you have it, one week summed up very briefly into a blogpost :oD I’ll finish the post with a clip of a song that currently intreagues me – James Blunt – Carry You Home.

Thanks a mil for reading xx

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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