The Thread From My Bed

How random! I have finally been able to get my N-95 connected up to my wireless network and although the pages that i’m viewing are, in general, too large for my reader (probably as i’m not on mobile/3G sites), i’m pleased to find that my blog remains accessible šŸ™‚ Currently in bed after watching an […]

A lovely lazy weekend

With regards to my weekend, IĀ think thatĀ the title of this post says it all really! Saturday morning permitted me a lovely lie in, with my onlyĀ task forĀ the day being to tidy up ready for when StuĀ was toĀ come roundĀ in theĀ evening. He had been due at 6, butĀ I was very pleased when he called to ask if […]

A quick round up…

Gee, a jolly busy past few days for me, so apologies for not blogging sooner, and I’ll try to keep things *fairly* brief heh! So, Friday night was the work night out. I never normally go to work nights out, but I thought sod it, why not an went along with them all to Sugar […]

Weekend 15 – 17 Feb 08

Crumbs, I can’t believe that it’s Monday afternoon already! I’ve been meaning to post, but simply haven’t had time – bah! So currently, I’m off work for the week and I am making the most of it by still being in bed! Currently listening to Kylie – Wow (video below). Got my Last.Fm feed working […]