Forthcoming Concerts and Shows!

Forthcoming Concerts and Shows!

‘Ello Pop-Pickers!I’ve a busy few months coming up in terms of going to watch concerts and shows – soooo can’t wait!!Heather Small
Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
3 October 2006

Formerly in the Manchester group “M People” – I really really cannot wait to see Heather perform! Marc and I are 3 rows from the front of this incredibly talented and powerful artist!!!

The Puppini Sisters
The Roadhouse, Manchester
25 October 2006

My current obsession! They take both popular and original songs and turn them into a 40’s war-time girl style of song! Visit their myspace (, or their official site – to get a sample of their talent!!! Will prob update my profile song at some point to one of theirs! “Wow!” is all that I can say!!

The Scissor Sisters
The Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester
6 November 2006

I don’t think that these guys really need an introduction!! I sooooo can’t wait – I have seats right near to the stage and am sooo excited (I went into work especially today even though I’m on annual leave to secure these tix!).

Check out their new song – “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin” for some dancing-around-your-living-room vibes!

Various West End Theatre Shows
London, U.K.
3-5 January 2007

There are lots of shows which I either want to see, or wish to see again!! Marc and I will have to sit down and discuss this one further fairly shortly – whenever we get a free moment!!!

Kylie Minogue
The Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester
19 January 2007


I’ve already seen the Showgirl tour when it was in Manchester in 2004, however I simply couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to see Kylie again! Esp after all that she’s been through in the last 12 months – I think that it’s very commendable and thoughtful her making time to add Manchester in at the last moment! Made sure that I purchased tickets for the last ever Showgirl date anywhere in the World, and I have the best public seats in the house – 3rd row back, center, right next to Kylie’s walkway!!!! WOW!!!!


Clearly a visual and aural treat in store for me in the next few weeks! We will also probably end up taking in some shows at our local theatres too!

If anybody has any reviews of any concerts/shows which they have recently attended/put on, then I’d love to hear about them! I will be posting reviews online after each show and so why not sign up to my MySpace/Personal blog to be automatically notified when each one is posted? You know that you wanna!

Take care folks, and thanks for taking an interest!!

Gari -x-

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