Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain

A colleague recently recommended me to have a listen to Prom 45 (2009 season); the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. I have to say, I absolutely loved it and I am very pleased that they were given the opportunity to perform on a platform such as the Proms, which will invariably help them to gain […]

The Puppini Sisters – Christmas 2009

Hurrah, The Puppini Sisters (who are one of my favourite groups!) are doing a Christmas show at the Lowry Quays Theatre (Manchester) on Tuesday December 15th 2009. I’ve just bought tickets direct with the box office via and managed to get Row B, centre! I can’t wait!! To release some of my pent-up excitement, […]

Forthcoming Concerts and Shows!

Forthcoming Concerts and Shows! ‘Ello Pop-Pickers!I’ve a busy few months coming up in terms of going to watch concerts and shows – soooo can’t wait!!Heather Small Bridgewater Hall, Manchester 3 October 2006 Formerly in the Manchester group “M People” – I really really cannot wait to see Heather perform! Marc and I are 3 rows […]