Awesome weather pics – Vauxhall Bridge

On Friday 10th June, whilst walking back home with Mr Max, we happened to notice some STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL weather displays all around us on Vauxhall Bridge. Literally, the weather was doing something different every 90 degree turn or so. A storm was brewing and the air was so crisp and clear, it was astounding how […]

Misty ol’ London Taaaawn!

This morning, there was the most fantastic mist that had settled all over the Thames, which made for a jolly exciting walk into work this morning. From my development, all one could see was a massive sheet of white where the banks of the Thames normally are. Here’s a few pictures that I snapped on […]

Snowy Britain from Space!

There’s currently an image going around the internet of Great Britain from space in the current snowy climate (taken by NASA’s Terra satellite), which I think we all agree is rather spectacular! It made me giggle a little to see that Eire is without snow… much in the way that the BBC weather forecasters give […]

The big freeze is coming!

So, today my hometown of Manchester awoke to a gorgeous blanket of snow – the lucky devils! It’s such a shame that it happened today, mainly as I’m going to be there next week!! A snowy Manchester would have made my year! (yes, I know we’re only a few days in heh). It’s not all […]

More storms!

I’ve just spent the last hour or so outside watching more huge and awesome thunderstorms which have hit London this evening! We down South really have been treated by the heavens to a wonderful frequency of awesome and magnificent storms this summer; hurrah! I am an absolute storm geek and so these past few weeks […]