Americans to ‘bomb’ the moon!

I’m currently sat here humming ‘On The Eve Of War’ from Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of War Of The Worlds. The news story behind all of this itself is uber cool and geeky – absolutely fabulous,  and of great interest to sad people such as I heh. I love how the American folk (themselves!) are […]

REVIEW: Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds, O2 Arena 2009

ULLA! First off, I should declare my absolute adoration for Wells’ The War of The Worlds, along with Jeff Wayne’s phenomenal musical version too. In my mind, the following is true: It is perhaps the best novel ever written! Jeff Wayne’s musical version is also one of, if not THE best, musical composition, ever! I […]

Vlog Update: 13th June 2009

Note to self: do try not to sound so depressed on these, especially at the start! Also, make sure that your glasses are straight, maybe try something different next time, plan the ending, and make sure that there is at least one thumbnail that is actually usable! 😛 For those getting this via RSS or […]