My letter got published in Attitude Magazine! ^_^

Buckle up dear reader, for I am about to get all Sex In The City on y’all…! I am very pleased that an email that I wrote to the top gay lifestyle mag in the UK, Attitude, in response to their article on threesomes (in their ‘Sex’ issue) has just been published! 😀 Now before […]

Frankmusik – Do It In The AM (featuring bonus content!)

Regular blog readers may know that I am something of a fan of Frankmusik! (especially his acoustic album, Completely Me). I’ve just received the below press release to accompany the release of the new album, “Do It In The AM”, which was released today – and I thought I’d share with ya’ll. It seems that […]

A Shameless 21st for Manchester Pride!

OK, so watching this video clip has been on my ‘to-do’ list for a good few weeks now (oops!) – it’s a special short ‘film’ that’s been put together to help Manchester Pride celebrate its 21st year (hurrah!!) A fab and very fun video, though not too sure about the slightly shaky QaF tribute at […]

US Supreme Court allows anti-gay funeral protests

It’s not very often that I resort to a more serious style of blogging on these pages, however, the news last night that the US Supreme Court had failed to step in and act against the god-awful Westboro Baptist Church and their disgusting picketing of the funerals of US service men thoroughly shocked and appalled […]

It Gets Better – The West End speaks out!

So, by now we’re all more than familiar with the ‘It Gets Better’ videos that have been popping up all over the internet – from communities and celebrities alike. It’s a vitally important message and one which is hopefully doing a lot of good around the World. Although all of them have been extremely moving, […]