My letter got published in Attitude Magazine! ^_^

Buckle up dear reader, for I am about to get all Sex In The City on y’all…!

I am very pleased that an email that I wrote to the top gay lifestyle mag in the UK, Attitude, in response to their article on threesomes (in their ‘Sex’ issue) has just been published! 😀

Now before you all rush to call me prudish, and ‘Curtain Twitcher of Vauxhall’ (though, based on the feedback that I’ve had thus far, there seems to be a fantastic wave of support behind what I wrote! :D), I would like to add that I have no issue whatsoever with the content of the article that I was referring to – far from it! 😛

My issue was just the throwaway line from the couple who were interviewed for the piece that appeared to infer that, as my partner and I choose not to invite a third into our bedroom, that our relationship is completely devoid of maturity. A ridiculous notion, and, if anything, one could argue that it’s actually completely the other way around, especially at their ‘time of life’, (you may have noticed my sly ‘whilst I may not have quite as much life experience’ – ha!) and with all of the health risks etc that such behaviours can invite – and I am not saying that they do so irresponsibly – I fail to see how my/our decision to stick with two is somehow less mature than their decision to roll with three!

Perhaps my only regret is telling the gay world, and his moustached wife that we get up to filth! haha! (though to be fair, I think most friends I have in real life, and online, know this anyway haha!). I innocently added that in to try to expel any inferred notion that I am some plain boring chap in the middle of nowhere who finds the ideas of threesomes shocking… seriously, I live directly opposite the Hoist… enough said, heh! Now I just have to hope that the letters page doesn’t inadvertently end up going around the work gays… though I am sure that it will… oops! hehe! *looks for a crash helmet*

It was great of Attitude magazine to publish the letter, especially as the magazine has something of a cool and ‘sexy’ image – so it was really nice to see that they allowed someone to champion the, perhaps less exciting, virtues of monogamous love, in contrast to a cover story piece that they published in their edgy ‘Sex’ issue. If you agree with what I wrote, do please feel free to email them to show support for my comments – maybe if enough people stand up for ‘love’, I can become a regular Susan Kennedy from Neighbours, championing the ‘real’ people through my comments in the media, and looking fabulously glam whilst I do, or they’ll do a ‘Love’ issue or something haha!!! 😉 They’re on 🙂

Gari x

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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