GLEE – N00b Directions!

*Song / mild plot(?) Spoilers* The first episode of Series 2 is called ‘Audition’, which, unsurprisingly, saw new people audition for a place in New Directions – both of the auditionees that they got had absolutely phenomenal vocals I thought: The brand new (and lead) voice on this track is Chord Overstreet, who plays Sam: […]

GLEE – Empire State Of Mind

I am SO glad that GLEE is back on our screens, regular readers of my blog will know that I am a huge fan and have been ever since the first preview was aired over in the US last year – it’s simply fabulous! No spoilers from me, however I must be allowed to rave […]

The Cleveland Show: Theme Music

I love, love, LOVE the theme music to The Cleveland Show! For the last few weeks, at 10pm (and 10:30pm) each Monday, I have been leaping up and doing a Jackson 5-esque bird dance along to the theme music and singing my little heart out heh! I reckon that the theme is far better than […]