Portrait of a Princess

Absolutely loving this clip from Spekulation Entertainment – showcasing some of the talent of the West End in an ‘unconventional’ way  (as in, there’s not a stage to be seen!) and in order to promote Michael Bruce’s new work (which incidentally, you MUST buy as it’s packed with amazing West End lovelies). I’ve just bought […]

Charlie Sheen – Winning

So, with 13 million hits +, chances are that many people have already seen this little YouTube gem! Have to say, outstanding work guys, absolutely hilarious!! 😛

Stephen Fry’s 3D TV

… for disclaimer reasons, I should perhaps point out that SKY TV may also have had a hand in this. 😛 Gosh, I LOVE Mr Fry, lots! … and, as Stephen himself has sanctioned it, I now have a totally new philosophy on manners: “Sometimes rudeness is the only response that makes sense…. rudeness, and […]