Portrait of a Princess

Absolutely loving this clip from Spekulation Entertainment – showcasing some of the talent of the West End in an ‘unconventional’ way  (as in, there’s not a stage to be seen!) and in order to promote Michael Bruce’s new work (which incidentally, you MUST buy as it’s packed with amazing West End lovelies).

I’ve just bought Michael Bruce’s album on iTunes – please feel free to check out my review of it HERE.

This song and video pay homage to the traditional fairytale, but with a contemporary and decidedly adult twist.

Billed as “a fantasmagorical work of fictional fabulosity,” the film “is a frivolous, fairytale frolic intended solely for harmless, humorous purposes to lighten up an occasionally dull existence.

Featuring West End star Julie Atherton, with Olivier Award winner for Best Actress in a Musical Sheridan Smith, BBC’s Being Human star Russell Tovey, fellow ex History Boy Steven Webb, current Jersey Boy and S Club 7 favourite Jon Lee, and Avenue Q and Notes from New York star Paul Spicer.

This song is available on Michael Bruce – Unwritten Songs at http://www.speckulationentertainment.com/michaelbrucecd.html

For those of us fortunate to be a part of the West End community, we’re jolly used to seeing all of our West End favourites at the mic post-show in the late night cabaret spots, however this is pretty much the first time, to my knowledge, of a YouTube video / project on this scale! 😀

Bravo to all involved – great to see our musical theatre finest getting showcased outside of the theatre!

Unsure why Tom Parsons isn’t credited though?! 😮

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