REVIEW: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Symphonic Queen

Last night, I went to the Royal Albert Hall to catch the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performing a programme of Queen songs, under the banner of ‘Symphonic Queen’. Many who know me will know that I am a massive, massive, slightly obsessive, Queen fan, and have a keen enjoyment of classical music, and so as soon […]

Aston – Someone Like You

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrah! *bounces* Been a big fan of the classical music group Aston for quite some time now – check out their awesome covers of Lady Gaga, Kylie, La Roux and Rihanna here – essentially what they do is take a popular song and add some amazing classical twists to it and ultimately produce a fantastically […]

Aston – Bulletproof

Regular visitors to my blog may already know that I am obsessed with a classical covers band, called Aston. They’ve just released their latest cover, La Roux’s Bulletproof, and I think that it sounds phenomenal! Marvellous classical arrangement and array of performances; they’ve managed to take a song that, frankly, gets on my tits, and […]

David Garrett – Smooth Criminal (Classical Cover)

It was only last night that I was tweeting about how much that I REALLY wanted someone to pull together a classical live performance / concept album of Michael Jackson songs that had been re-worked to be performed by a symphony orchestra or similar. Yes, I am thinking rather like Metallica’s S&M album/performances, and I […]