REVIEW: Final Fantasy – Distant Worlds (Royal Albert Hall, London – November 5th 2011)

On Saturday night, I was VERY fortunate to be in attendance at the Final Fantasy – Distant Worlds concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and in the presence of the mighty Nobuo Uematsu (植松伸夫 ) !!!!

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra provided the simply divine musicality, with the London Voices the fantastic vocalisations. The Guest Vocalist was the fantastic Susan Calloway, and the orchestra was conducted by the ever fabulous Arnie Roth.

I can say nothing more than ‘this was one of the best nights of my life!’


It was absolutely phenomenal to hear Nobuo Uematsu’s absolutely amazeballs orchestrations coming from the RPCO, and the visualisations of the Final Fantasy games on the screens was fantastic. I frequently had goosebumps and was often moved slightly to tears!

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Computer game music is often under-rated in my opinion, however the scoring for the Final Fantasy series transcends most modern classical work for me, and is delightfully beautiful both in arrangement and in its ability to tell, and immerse you in, to a story.

The highlight of the evening was, of course, when Nobuo Uematsu took to the stage towards the end, the audience just exploded into applause! He is such a fantastically fab gentleman, and that really came across I thought – I want to be his best friend now!! heh.

Another highlight of the evening was when they played the Royal Albert Hall organ, it was stunning to hear it being played, having visited several times in the past and never before heard it.

For those who missed out, fear not – they will be back on 17th November 2012 as part of a 25th anniversary world tour (tickets on sale in December) and they’ve promised to do something special!

There is also the DVD and 2 CD box set that accompanies this concert (which I *really* want for Christmas incidentally, if anyone wants to chip in?? 😉 haha!). It is rather different to what was shown in London, but they do chop and change the songs to suit the audience.

Also, if you want to listen to the concert, you can do so online HERE – though it would be great if you bought it also 😛

Speaking of merchandise, please don’t hate me, but I was the chap who bought the very last ‘small’ t-shirt after the show hehe! We honestly couldn’t believe how fast the merchandise was flying off the shelves… in all my years of concert going, I’ve never seen that before – they must have been taking a clear £250 a minute, and that was only limited by the amount of staff that they had to process card payments! Genuinely, it was insane!

Should you get chance to pick up Distant Worlds as it traverses the globe, I cannot implore you enough to do so. Even if you are not a fan of the series (it was fun to see all of the London Voices and RPCO members looking up at the screens in astonishment, ha!) I can absolutely hand-on-heart promise you that you will be absolutely blown away!

An apt way to close this review would seem to be:

Distant Worlds – Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t It Wonderful?).

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