The Dark Knight Rises – Full Teaser Trailer

*is totally a huge gooey mess at the moment!* First off, I have to say, pals and regular readers will probably know that I am a HUGE fan of the Nolan Batman movies, and, having just seen the actual teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (folks really need to ignore that crappy spoof trailer that’s […]

Batman sequel penciled in for 2012 release

I am very very very VERY excited that Warner Bros have finally announced an expected theatrical release date for the hotly anticipated Batman 3 – reportedly the last of the Batman re-tellings to come from Christopher Nolan – July 30, 2012. As of yet, the sequel is without name (there’s a rumour of the disappointingly […]

Batman : The Dark Knight

*+*+* SPOILERS! *+*+* OK, OK, OK; I know that this film has been out for weeks now and that pretty much everybody in the world has reviewed it and whatnot; however, I went along to see the film with a group of friends this evening (Mon 1 Sep 08) at the BFI IMAX (the biggest screen in […]