Captain Planet – Live Action Film In Development!!!!

I am *very* excited to be able to share the news with ya’ll that Captain Planet is currently getting the green light to be made into a live action movie – here’s hoping that it goes all the way, I don’t see why it wouldn’t !! 😀 I am a huge fan of 80s and […]

Tron: Uprising – First look

Although billed as a ‘first look’ on the Tron: Legacy DVD/3D & 2D BluRay sets that are coming out in the UK on April 18th (whoop whoop!!!); it seems that the internet has already picked up on the trailer and promotional material for Tron: Uprising, and so it is now a case of ‘first look, […]

I eat puppiez!

Unsure why I’m doodling so much at the moment… did someone mention ‘stress’ and ‘insomnia’ ? 😛 Sure that folk are getting sick of seeing my random outpourings now, and I know the quality of my doodles is not much to write home about, I’m the first to admit! Still, it keeps me entertained and […]

Transformers Toys

Every child of the 80s loved Transformers (Generation One) – RIGHT?! Greg and I were watching the latest Transformers movie (Revenge of the Fallen) and I happened to mention that I recalled having two (or possibly even more!) of the toys from the original series, but that I wasn’t sure which characters they were, or […]