James May On The Moon

The BBC have just started with their ‘Moon’ series and they kicked it off last night on BBC Two with the utterly amazing ‘James May on the Moon’. James May On The Moon As part of a season of programming on BBC Two and BBC Four to celebrate 40 years since the first moon landing, […]

What A Feeling!

Cor, blimey! Did anyone else catch Robert Webb on BBC One’s ‘Lets Dance for Comic Relief‘ ? The concept of the show is remarkably simple, celebs / well known people appear each week and try to perform an established dance routine (such as a song from High School Musical, Grease etc) in order to get […]

Joanna Lumley : Northern Lights

Last night, I happened across a programme called ‘Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights’ on BBC iPlayer and was instantly intrigued. I am a fan of Joanna Lumley and am fascinated by the Northern Lights, and so this programme was right up my street! Boy, oh, boy, I wasn’t disappointed! Remarkable, at […]

Britain From The Air : The City

Not going to harp on about this one too much as I’ve already blogged once today, however I have just sat down and watched Britain From The Air : The City on BBC Two. I must say, I was wonderfully impressed! I have included the details of the show below and it’s iPlayer credentials – I […]

BBC Radio 2 – Sundays

… and yes, you do have to read the title whilst doing so in the style of the Radio 2 jingle hehe! (and with regards to the news jingle I’ve linked to – naturally I think that Fenella Fudge has the best name in the world hehe!) Recently at work, I’ve been a little tired […]