Simeon Mulder – America’s Got Talent Audition

I’m not a huge fan of <insert whichever country>’s Got Talent if I am honest. In fact, I’d go so far to say as I have little to no interest at all in those shows. That said, I’ve just seen the audition of Simeon Mulder, a 16-year-old Dutch boy, now living in America, and who […]

Jamie Archer – Sex On Fire

Although I am not overly sad that Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer was voted off the X-Factor this week, I just realised that I never gave him his due for what has to be one of the best auditions that they’ve ever had! I am still, to this day, singing along to it in my head – […]

X-Factor Audition Process 2009

For my main posts on X-Factor 2009, please click HERE. ******************************************************************* I’ve just come across this somewhat scathing article on the X-Factor audition process for 2009 and thought that I’d share. I think that this is what we’ve all known for years, but even still, it does turn me off this new format quite a […]