A Significant Role – A Season of 3 New Plays (London, October 2012)

I would like to give a shout out to Barefaced – a theatre company based in London, who are launching their season of three new plays under the title ‘A Significant Role’ in October 2012. The aim of the season is to put women centre-stage, and I think this is a marvellous ‘concept’ for a group of plays, and something that I, personally, would find really interesting to watch. There’s already so much that I can think of to say about it, and I’ve not even seen any of the plays yet!

Oooh Gari Davies on the Gaydio!

I’ve just come back from recording a radio interview with the lovely Andrew Edwards for The Sunday Forum on Gaydio – due to broadcast on Sunday 13 May 2012, 7am – 9am. It was fantastic to be invited along to discuss my website, and to share some of my thoughts surrounding the Arts in Manchester […]


Max and I have just got back from The Lowry, where they’ve currently got a FREE exhibition called ‘The House Of Annie Lennox’ which is running until Sunday 17 June 2012. Annie Lennox is a massive icon to me, and I’m a big fan, so this was indeed a treat – in addition, as this […]