17-24-30 – Trafalgar Square Vigil

From time to time, I receive a press release that will motivate me to reach out to you lot, and I have to say, the one that I’ve just received from 17-24-30 has certainly been well received. For anyone unaware of what 17-24-30 is, “17-24-30” represents the three dates that three nail bombs were left […]

Happy Birthday Gari’s Blog!

Today marks the second anniversary of this blog…. woo! It’s been a fab two years, with over a quarter of a million visitors (a conservative WordPress estimate; other counters reckon as many as 400k unique visits). I’ve blogged about countless topics ranging from my first love, musical theatre, through to hawties such as Aaron Johnson; […]

Happy Birthday!

Just a small post to reference that it is my blog’s first anniversary today! Hurrah! I’m very happy with the stats that I’ve been able to generate over this past year, so thanks to all for reading and following! Marvellous work! Also, today marks the day that I am closer to being the age of […]

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds

Fans and critics of this amazing and remarkable piece of music alike are currently celebrating the 30th Anniversary since it was first unleashed by Jeff Wayne in 1978. A truly unclassifiable piece of work, which was accompanied by some astounding artwork – this really is one of my ‘must-have’ albums. Co-incidentally, H.G. Wells’ innovative and […]